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Luminous SolarLuminous Power Technologies is the leading home electrical specialist in India. Luminous Solar is having a vast portfolio comprising of Power back up solutions such as UPS, Batteries and Solar Applications to Electrical offerings such as Fans, Wires & Switches. With 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices in India and presence in over 36 countries.

Sun-Grid Solar offers a wide range of Luminous Contact Us at competitive rates. Customer can buy genuine Luminous products from us and enjoy the trust that comes with a trusted and multinational brand brand ‘Luminous’.


Luminous Solar Panels

Luminous Solar Panels Warranty

Luminous Solar PanelsLuminous Solar has both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline MNRE Solar Panels with 25 years warranty in very less prices. Range available from 5w to 150w in 12v and 200w to 305w in 24v. 50w, 100w, 200w, 250w, 300 watt are the mostly used panels.

10 years Warranty for 90% Efficiency.
25 years Warranty for 80% Efficiency.

Features of Luminous Solar Panels :

High class conversion efficiency
Anti reflective coating and back surface field (BSF)
Optically, electrically and mechanically tested
Advance EVA encapsulation
Very Strong light weight Aluminum frame.
Compliance to IEC standards
Luminous Solar is MNRE Approved.

Luminous Solar Panels Benefits:

30% to 70% MNRE Subsidy is Available.
Optimum output means higher cell efficiency.
Very High Sun-light absorption Capacity.
Strong Frame reduces resistance.
Better module protection multi layer encapsulation.
High torsion resistance against snow loads and wind pressure.
You can have confidence product is long lasting, safe, reliable.

Luminous Solar Inverter Home UPS

Luminous Solar Inverter Home UPSLuminous Solar Home UPS are hybrid UPS available in the range of 500VA, 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt charge Controllers with wide choice of PV modules from 500Wp to 1000Wp. With unique feature of iSOT it saves 1.5 to 3 Units per day thus substantial savings. Range available in 500VA, 850VA, 1400VA & 1500VA.

Luminous Solar Inverter Features:

Intelligent logic control.

solar-mains with priority to solar, simultaneous charging.

Pure sine wave inverter with 85% efficiency.

Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency.

iSOT: solar optimization Intelligent technique.

Intelligent monitoring battery.

Equipped with battery type selection.

Battery charging commences at mains voltage 110Volt.

Output for both AC as well as DC.

Luminous Solar Inverter Benefits:

Very safe for sensitive products like TV, PC, laptops, refrigerators etc.

25%-30% savings on electricity bill & reduce charging time.

Power saving of 1.5 to 3 units per day*.

For fast charging of batteries from solar.

Protecting battery from over charging hence longer life.

Charging of battery during low voltage too.

Flexibility of use with all types of batteries.

Run DC and AC appliances both.

Luminous Solar Batteries

Luminous Solar BatteriesLuminous Solar Batteries are rated C10 rating and deep cycle batteries specially designed for long time back up. Luminous have solar batteries of rating 20AH, 40AH, 75AH, 100AH, 120AH, 135AH 150AH and 200AH in 5 years warranty.

Luminous Solar Battery Features:

Long life cycles.

Frequency in 8 to 10 months of topping up.

High temp performance.

90% & Wh efficiency of 80% of Ah efficiency.

Overcharging sustainability.

Luminous Solar Battery Benefits:

Longer life than rated.

Very low maintenance.

Can handle extreme weather conditions.

Rugged Performance.

Luminous Solar Charge Controller

Luminous Solar Charge ControllerLuminous Charge Controllers are PWM based controllers with 98% efficiency. It has provision for USB charging & dusk to dawn sensors. It comes in ratings of 6/10/20Amp. Electronic & Software controlled protections. Maintenance Free. USB Mobile charger Output. Option of SMF and Lead Acid Battery selection. Range Available in 12V-6Amp, 12V/24V-10Amp & 20Amp

Features OF Luminous Charge Controllers:

Auto feature for 12v/24v battery

Aesthetic & compact design

98% efficiency

Fuse less electronic.

Auto software protections

USB port

Option of SMF and lead acid battery selection

Load controller with LVD & dusk to dawn feature

Benefits of Luminous Charge Controllers :

No manual operation

20% extra power handling capability

Max. utilization of solar power

Maintenance free

USB mobile charger output

Flexibility in choice of battery per usage

Saves battery from deep discharge thus increases life

Luminous Solar MPPT Charge Controller

Features of Luminous Solar MPPT Charge Controller:

Smart tracking algorithm

Four stage battery charging – bulk, absorption, float & equalize

Auto function of battery voltage

Higher input voltage from PV module

Easy up-gradation.

Benefits of Luminous Solar MPPT Charge Controller :

Increase in solar power extraction by up to 30%

Ability to have with higher input voltage than the battery bank

Safe charging increases life of the battery

No manual operation

MPPT offers great flexibility for system growth

Luminous Solar Off-Grid PCU
Luminous Solar Off-Grid PCU
Luminous Solar Retrofit
Luminous Solar Retrofit
Luminous Solar On-Grid Inverter
Luminous Solar On-Grid Inverter
Luminous Solar Home Lights

Luminous Solar Home Lights